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It’s Not Me It’s You … Is Scorpio Judgmental?

It’s Not Me It’s You … Is Scorpio Judgmental?

This really depends on the Scorpio. This is one of the most, if not the most, complex zodiac sign. This is partly because:

Astrologically a Scorpio is said to be at one of three stages of evolution.

A stage one Scorpio is symbolised by the scorpion and exercises power through emotion and instinct. In this first stage the scorpion will sting others and then itself in remorse.

A stage two Scorpio is symbolised by the golden eagle and exercises power through the intellect. In the second stage the scorpion will observe the flow of power, both political and sexual. It will then swoop down and seize its victim.

A stage three Scorpio is symbolised by the dove of peace and the phoenix and exercises power through love. The phoenix represents the scorpion transformed gone is the tendency to be judgemental and power obsessed. In its place there is the capacity for observation without judgement and, therefore, compassion. This is a Scorpion that can teach others to focus on that which is hidden and which really matters.

It is these three tribes of Scorpio that lead to pocket astrology books sometimes calling the Scorpio non-judgmental/tolerant on one page followed by judgmental on the next. Yet both pages are right – it merely depends on the type of Scorpio you are talking about. Stage 3 is the least likely to be judgmental and stage 1 is the most likely of the three types to be judgmental.

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