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Scorpio Detox – How Scorpio Deals With Toxic People & Situations

How Do The Different Star Signs Deal With Toxic People & Situations?

Toxic situations and people are the last thing that any of us would wish for. We all know that it is extremely unhealthy to keep such people and situations in our lives yet many of us do for far too long. How each of us handles these trying times speaks volumes and much of our response correlates with the sun signs that we are born under. While some signs are able to gently swat toxic people away, others tend to cling to them in spite of the repercussions. Take a look and see where you may fall and how you can better deal with unhealthy occurrences.

How The Water Signs Deal With Toxic People & Situations

The water signs – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are very talented at dealing with difficult situations and toxic people because they are clear thinking, rational, analytical and flexible. Because they often take the long term view, they can see from a distance when things are not going their way and although they are lead by emotions, they are able to calmly adjust to most circumstances and are not quick to react. They will not respond to events without having first decided on a sensible course of action.

How Scorpio Deals With Toxic People and Situations

Scorpios are thought to be the most powerful, sexy and vengeful sign of the Zodiac. At the end of the day this sign is full of passion, intensity and seduction and if ever there were a sign that is attracted to and attracts drama, it is the sign of Scorpio! When it comes to the important questions of life, you can bet that the Scorpio has the answers long before most others do, so they are rarely without a plan of their own to escape a messy situation.

Scorpios will plot and plan in secret so when they come across toxic relationships and obstacles (situations) they aren’t slow to catch on and they will think long and hard about how they are going to get themselves out of it so that they come out on top. Their obsession with power is overbearing at times and their contradictory nature will confuse the savviest of toxic people within their social circles. They are a force to be reckoned with and only the most stupid of toxic individuals would try to do battle with this sign.

For the Scorpio that has ended up in a toxic relationship, it will be hard to cut ties initially as this is not a sign that likes to feel that it has made a mistake. They will not want to abandon something they have put hard work into and because they see the ending of anything as a sign of failure (not attractive to them) they may be slow to cut the cord but once they do, it is over. Forever. And they won’t forgive and forget. Ever.

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