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Scorpio Christmas Gifts

Scorpio Christmas Gifts

Scorpio is another Sun sign that adores receiving gifts and not just at Christmas! As Scorpio loves mystery and intrigue wrap your gift up well and disguise its shape. You might even want to make the gift look like something else from the outside. Have some fun here and do a bit of misdirection.  You know that as soon as you have the left the Scorpio will start shaking their gift to see if it rattles and trying to feel their gift through its wrapping paper. Not that they will do this in front of you, of course. This secretive sign will want to open their gift in private.

What sort of gift might they like? Thrillers, crime novels and mysteries. Horror stories too. Some Scorpios might enjoy erotica or sexy clothing. The Scorpio in your life might enjoy a forensic thriller or true crime stories. They might also be taken with the memoirs of forensic pathologists or forensic psychologists.

While we’re on the subject of mysteries what about something connected with metaphysical pursuits for example a tarot deck?

Scorpio also likes clothing as they are keen to look their best. Clothing that enables them to look mysterious and enigmatic is the way to go here. Alternatively buy them a gift voucher so they can have the fun of buying their own gift far from prying eyes. Just don’t expect them to tell you what they’ve bought though!

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