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Scorpio And Motivation – How To Keep Motivated If You’re A Scorpio

Scorpio And Motivation – How To Keep Motivated If You’re A Scorpio

Scorpios are ruled by two planets: Mars and Pluto. Both planets have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to motivation. If Scorpio utilizes their strengths well, they can be extremely savvy at completing goals as they tend to aim for goals that they can comfortably hit. The Scorpion likes the feeling of power and control that goes with having your life go according to plan.

Surprising though this may sound Scorpios are approval seekers, so they need to be cautious to give equal attention to their needs as well as others otherwise they can end up hitting goals just for the sake of the status this brings them. Scorpio likes to be seen to be the best at what they do.

When it comes to achieving their goals in life the Scorpion prefers to rely on the one person they can trust above all others – themselves. They will however work as part of a group when necessarily but will be constantly monitoring their fellow team members for any sign of trouble. The Scorpion will not want any unexpected threats to their desired outcome.

One very powerful Scorpio motivator is the pleasure this sign takes in transforming themselves, their circumstances and even other people. They see everything in life as going through a continual cycle of transformation. In fact they will happily destroy something that is working perfectly for the sheer pleasure of creating something new. This is a trait they share with fellow Mars ruled sign Aries.

A self-aware sign, Scorpios easily see where they are flawed and are motivated to make the changes required to put this right as perfecting  and transforming themselves is part of their strong personality. This is definitely the case if the area which needs improvement is sexual. These people aim to please in the bedroom and don’t like coming up short with their partners.

If it is another type of goal entirely, they will still change if the rewards for doing so motivate them sufficiently – two prime motivators being personal power and financial rewards. If these motivators are in place the Scorpio will dedicate themselves to attaining their goal no matter how long it takes them.   This is a sign that is perfectly happy to take things slowly when the end result is a worthwhile one. They do however need a solid reason to stay motivated and some sort of reward in the short term

Scorpio is sometimes more than happy to share their goals with others e.g if they want to avoid losing a partner through uncontrolled jealousy, they will tell the partner that they (Scorpio) will change and also how they propose to go about doing so. So far, so good but the partner will be expected to congratulate the Scorpion on every improvement made, no matter how minor. If they’re planning revenge or replacing their boss they certainly won’t share those goals. However, they will meticulously plan and will congratulate themselves on each step accomplished. Once they have accomplished their “secret goal” they will then expect to be congratulated as they do expect others to notice their efforts.

When it comes to goals that have a positive impact on others they will expect praise and thanks. If these aren’t given the Scorpio won’t be as quick to react in the future.

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