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Sagittarius Long Distance Relationship

Sagittarius Long Distance Relationship

This is the sign most associated with long-distance relationships. The key to making this one work is to remain loyal and keenly interested in whatever escapades and/or discoveries the archer has to share with you. Have plenty of exciting escapades and information to impart too.

Avoid ‘heavy’ conversations like ‘where do you see this relationship heading?’ and brace yourself for some uncertainty with regards to the Archer’s movements and plans. Hard though it may seem, resist the urge to assume that because you’ve not heard from them for a week you’ve been dumped or they’ve had an accident/been kidnapped. The odds are they haven’t. Relax and make out that you’re glad to hear from them when they finally get around to calling. Do not accuse them of cheating (if they have done they’ll tell you soon enough) or being dishonest.

The Archer’s love also needs to keep reminding Sagittarius of the great times they’ve had together and to come up with plenty of enthusiastic suggestions for the wild, sexy and fun times you’ll have when you get to grips with each other again! At some stage the Archer that you find a joint base from which to embark on joint and/or solo adventures.

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