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Revenge Is A Dish … How Sagittarius Gets Revenge

Revenge Is A Dish … How Sagittarius Gets Revenge

Giving in to our dark side is something we should all do sparingly, for revenge often leaves others hurt and the though the inflictor may temporarily feel relief, seldom is it long lasting. Even the most demur and sweetest of Zodiac star signs have a less than sunny disposition if pushed too far or crossed but not all of them will exact revenge in the same way. Some are subtle, while others give new meaning to “Hell hath no fury.” Check out your sign here to see where on the venom scale you may fall and in which ways you are most likely to strike back.

How Sagittarius Gets Revenge

Sagittarius is one of the most freewheeling, forward moving and non-aggressive signs in the Zodiac. Just like Libra, they are not likely to even know how to get revenge, they are too wrapped up in life to bother with finding out what makes people tick and therefore what might hurt a potential victim.  Also, they aren’t usually motivated by revenge.  This sign detests deception and are usually completely honest in all they do. They don’t really like the sneakiness that often goes hand in hand with getting revenge. Understanding why someone may have ill will towards them is something so far removed from their capabilities that they are likely to simply go off and just think about the ‘why’ rather than the ‘how’ of getting those betrayers back.

Fixed on living meaningful lives, this is a sign that wants a true understanding of the world around them and the people in it. Their spiritual nature may make revenge difficult as they are more aligned with finding balance and harmony between all creatures, and often are more interested in the adventures of life, never concentrating for too long on the bad aspects of it.

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