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Revenge Is A Dish …  How Aries Gets Revenge

Revenge Is A Dish …  How Aries Gets Revenge

Giving in to our dark side is something we should all do sparingly, for revenge often leaves others hurt and the though the inflictor may temporarily feel relief, seldom is it long lasting. Even the most demur and sweetest of Zodiac star signs have a less than sunny disposition if pushed too far or crossed but not all of them will exact revenge in the same way. Some are subtle, while others give new meaning to “Hell hath no fury.” Check out your sign here to see where on the venom scale you may fall and in which ways you are most likely to strike back.

How Aries Gets Revenge

Aries is known for its passion and whether that flame is being fanned by good or bad drives, everything an Aries does is quick and memorable. While this sign has many great traits, patience isn’t always one of them and when it comes to revenge, their impulse to react first and ask questions later means whatever revenge dish they are serving will be served hard, fast and furious.

An Aries will usually assume that they have all the right answers (they know what is best for all) and once crossed, will swiftly and loudly make it known.  Most aggressive, they are not usually likely to plot and plan for any length of time, though some will especially if Scorpio is strong in their charts, but will instead react on a purely emotional level. Most will restrict themselves to yelling and smashing your favorite crockery rather than smashing you. This is a smart and feisty fire sign, and thus they will strike in whatever way is closest to your heart which often includes destroying your personal possessions because those are things easiest to obtain in the heat of the moment.

As the first sign of the Zodiac, these are born fighters and taking a stand and letting others know when they have crossed the line is undoubtedly something the Aries excels at.

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