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A ‘quick and dirty’ method to calculate Zodiac sign compatibility

A ‘quick and dirty’ method to calculate Zodiac sign compatibility

For a ‘quick and dirty’ method to calculate Zodiac sign compatibility, subtract one Sun sign’s number from the other – where Aries = 1, Taurus = 2… Pisces = 12 etc. If they differ between 3 or 9 they are a match that requires a great deal of effort to make work. This is also true when matching the Signs of any planets other than Venus and Jupiter, which rarely indicate an inharmonious influence in a match.

When one partner has the Sun in their birth chart making a ‘square’ aspect (i.e. being at a 90 degree angle) to the position of the Sun in the other’s birth chart, it means that compromises will need to be made in order to accommodate very different natures and goals. A square is the most difficult aspect but this does not mean that the relationship is impossible to make work.

There is much more to astrological compatibility than comparing Sun signs alone. In the technique known as ‘synastry’, which is used to look at the compatibility of potential mates the following Houses and Planets are given special emphasis. Firstly the angular houses (1, 4, 7 and 10) in the two charts are compared. The angular houses are where the action is and indicate whether the pair will wish to express themselves in similar or conflicting life sectors. For example a female who is career oriented (10th House) will find it hard to reconcile her needs with a man who is family orientated (4th house). Attitudes towards children – for and against – are indicated by the fifth house, considering its cusp and the planets occupying it. Special attention should be paid to planets in both charts stressing or making aspects to the fifth house. The fifth and seventh houses indicates the two individuals’ attitudes towards and expectations of fidelity.

The signs of the Moon, Venus and Mars plus aspects to them are further indicators of how each partner views love, romance, sex and marriage. Having one person’s Sun, Moon or Venus in the other’s seventh house is often a great indicator of partner potential, for example. A Sun/Moon conjunction (one’s Sun being very near the same degree in the same Sign as the other’s Moon) is one of the best indicators of a happy marriage and long friendship. A Venus/Mars conjunction is the best indicator of a romantic attraction and a satisfying sex life. ‘Sextile’ aspects (60 degrees) and ‘Trine’ aspects (120 degrees) are very good also. The Ascendant, which indicates your projected personality, also has a key role to play.

Acceptance of marital responsibilities often reflects childhood conditioning and early home influences – the fourth house. Tough planets therein and aspects to them are important. Equally a stressed first or tenth house can indicate a type whose strongest drives are towards self-advancement. If this need conflicts with marital responsibilities, the latter will suffer.

You cannot gain any of the above information from a simple Sun Sign table, which is why you cannot make any final judgments based on Sun Sign compatibility alone. You can assume that there is a better chance of compatibility if your Sun Signs are compatible though other factors may mitigate against this. Likewise additional compatible aspects in your charts may mitigate against what appears, on the surface, to be a Sun Sign mismatch. So, for example, if you’re a Cancerian who has had a couple of unsatisfactory experiences with Leos, be aware that it may not have been the Leo/Cancer mismatch that was causing the problems – so don’t write off every Leo that you meet as a waste of space!

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