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Puppet On A String – How Easy Is Aquarius To Manipulate?

Puppet On A String – How Easy Is Aquarius To Manipulate?

Aquarius usually marches to the beat of their own drum, which makes them difficult to manipulate. They aren’t big on responsibility or obligation so you can forget emotional blackmail! Let’s face any person who values their freedom as much as the average Aquarian will be able to spot a manipulator right from the start. They might let you think you’re getting somewhere but that’s only so that that they can deliver a sucker punch further down the line! They will of course watch with intent fascination as you manipulate others due to the Aquarian’s fascination with human nature.

It is often said that Aquarius is too stubborn to be manipulated as they are unlikely to be deflected from the course they are on. And there is some merit in this observation. None of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo and Aquarius) are easy to manipulate though all three are adept at manipulating others when the motivation is there.

Furthermore, like Virgo Aquarius can get along just fine on their own so they don’t usually respond to emotional blackmail. Also, they tend to analyse everything to death and that includes the motivations and behaviour of others. They’ll bone up on body language, verbal clues and other ‘tells’ to find out what you’re after and why. It doesn’t mean that your Aquarius friend, colleague, family member won’t do what you want. It does mean that if they do it they’ll do it because they choose to and not because you’ve manipulated them into doing so.

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