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Is Pisces Manipulative?

Is Pisces Manipulative?

For the most part; only as a last resort as they feel rather guilty about upsetting, manipulating or using others. They know what it’s like to manipulated, upset and used, they really do.

If they are going to use manipulation at all it is likely that the Piscean will opt to manipulate people by reminding them of how ‘nice’ they are. That way; you’ll do what Pisces wants because they have been so kind to you/are such a saint. Usually this gets the Piscean the results they seek.

However, if it is necessary to do so, Pisces is not above using emotional blackmail to get they want. They can also manipulate others through their mood swings as no-one really wants to deal with an upset or despondent Pisces. Another trick in their armoury is hurt withdrawal if you have acted in a way that displeases them. They are intuitive enough to know that you are not worrying about whether they will spiral into a deep depression.

Pisces folk are also adept at making others feel sorry for them and making others feel guilty whether or not they have done anything wrong. Though to be fair to the Piscean they will genuinely feel that you’ve done something wrong. They don’t as a rule manipulate people others just for the sake of it. They are keenly aware of how easy they find it to read others and how careful they must be not to use those talents to disadvantage others. Pisces tends to take the view that if they behave in a shady or underhand manner then karma will bite them on the a**.

Of course if the Pisces does decide that you are fair game when it comes to manipulation then you may find that the Piscean manipulates you by proxy, by getting others involved.

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