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Pisces Long Distance Relationship

Pisces Long Distance Relationship

Pisces like fellow Water signs Cancer and Scorpio prefers to be with their loved one so that they can read their body language and their thoughts, feelings and emotions. Pisces finds it harder to connect with a loved one through technology even though they are supremely adept at conveying emotion through film, image and the written word. The problem is that unless their partner is adept at using technology to express emotion much can get lost in terms of communication. Meaningful gifts, cards, frequent phone calls, skyping and visits can help reassure your Piscean that you truly want to be with them and that your parting is only temporary.

Perhaps you can both dream together of how sweet your reunion will be. Go to town here and feed your Pisces’ imagination. Let them immerse themselves in the love that you feel for them and do your best to make sure that you partings are as brief as you can make them. Ensure that you remain in your Pisces’ thoughts as they can have a somewhat vexing habit of drifting off into a relationship with another lover if they feel that their needs are not being met.

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