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Pisces Dating Dealbreakers

Pisces Dating Dealbreakers

It’s hard to screw up a date with a Pisces because they tend to go with the flow and really are over the moon just to be in your company. They love romance and anything that stirs their emotions and feeds their soul, even if it’s a yoga or dance class or gardening. Going out or staying in will work for them, as they don’t need to be treated as royalty as long as they truly feel that you are enjoying their company. This does not mean that you can use the Piscean and take advantage of them. If they get the impression that you are going to do that, they will ditch you.

They are touchy people though so if you are standoffish and lack empathy this will be a turn off as will arrogance or pompous attitudes. For this sign it isn’t so much about what you are doing as it is about your personality. They just want to enjoy your time together and don’t want to be around negativity.

They are a little picky about the temperature and would prefer to not be too hot or too cold for long periods of time so be sure to tell them what the plans are so they can dress accordingly and be comfortable for the duration of the date. Telling them your plans for the date will also give them plenty to look forward to. Failure to take care of these important comfort factors can lead to a disappointing date for Pisces and may even turn into a dating dealbreaker.

Like fellow Jupiter ruled Sign Sagittarius, Pisces will not tolerate possessiveness so avoid acting clingy if you want to continue dating this complex and captivating Sign.


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