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Pisces Christmas Gifts

Pisces Christmas Gifts

Pisces will be grateful for any gift but that does not mean that you should present them with any old gift. Give the loving compassionate Pisces a gift that shows that they mean as much to you as you undoubtedly mean to them.

If they are your lover or spouse you might like to give them a heart shaped locket engraved with the words ‘my heart belongs to you forever’ or an equally romantic and meaningful phrase. Other romantic presents could be jewellery, a CD of love songs or a soundtrack to a romantic film or musical, a DVD of a romantic film or musical or a book of romantic poetry. You could also try writing them romantic poetry, putting together a scrapbook filled with pictures of you together or buying their favourite scent. The Pisces in your life would also appreciate having a star named after them.

There are also plenty of New Age options: a day or weekend at a spiritual retreat, a yoga course, crystals, tarot decks the list is endless. The Piscean would also appreciate New Age music or a marine related spiritual activity like swimming with dolphins. They might also appreciate a gift of crystals (or gemstones to make jewellery) or, given the Pisces love of scents and holistic healing, some aromatherapy oils, or an aromatherapy session/course.

As Pisces is associated with the feet a foot massage, shoes or dancing lessons might make a treat gift. A romantic weekend break might also appeal, or if you’re a friend rather than a lover then soft and sensual items of clothing might fit the bill. Or gifts that encourage the Piscean to indulge their creative side perhaps canvas or an artist’s sketchpad along with some paints or crayons. Of course Pisces loves film and photography so a camera and video-editing or photo-editing software could go down well.

Pisces loves water so an aquarium, water feature or some beautiful fish for their aquarium could make the perfect gift, so could a painting of a water scene or loved one.

Compassionate Pisces would also appreciate a gift that improves the lot of humanity in general including a charitable gift such as educating a child in the third world or buying a goat for a family in Africa. Making a charitable donation to a cause close to the Piscean’s heart would also please them.

Pisces also loves fine food and wine so would be more than happy to receive some delicious delicacies for Christmas.

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