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Pisces - A true 'Angel Fish'

Pisces – A true ‘Angel Fish’

Your kind, gentle and genuinely caring nature makes you a remarkable friend and dedicated lover. Of all the signs you are the most fluid and compassionate which means you have a lot to offer those in your social circle.

But your sun sign is so involved with the dreamy and unearthly that it can come between you and your goals. You also spend so much time working with others on their problems that you blatantly ignore your own and would rather wish them away or let them work themselves out naturally. In the realistic and logical world, most problems need to be addressed and ignoring yours can be problematic especially if you aren’t surrounded by those who are willing to point this out to you.

When it comes to how you live your life you are not one to be comfortable with confinement and this will prove difficult if you continue to seek career paths that follow the 9-5 rule. Your tendency to dream will also get in the way if you choose a career that relies on nothing but logic such as a scientific field.  You would find that boring and restrictive and it is not likely to be a good match.

Instead aim for something that will use your creative and artistic abilities and that allows you to work on your own rather than in a group. Group settings prove to be counter-productive because you become entangled in office gossip easily, and will also find that others work at a different pace and speed than you do. Your work will get done, but it will be on your own time and in your own way. Others may not appreciate this and you won’t appreciate them saying so. Since you take everything to heart, you are likely to apply the criticism of others in the work force to your already easily bruised ego and that may make you feel as if your contribution is not valued. As you seek to serve others this would be rather soul destroying for you.

A career in which you can make the world a more beautiful place or be one with nature is where your true calling is and you should reach for it this year and in years to follow. Never comfortable in an authoritative position, continue to seek positions where you are autonomous or at least manage no more than one or two people.  Charitable work is also right up your alley, but be careful not to exhaust yourself. Find a way to finish the work day and leave work at work or you will become emotionally frazzled quickly.

While you are most faithful, probably more than any other sign, you also can become used to your relationship and worse, too comfortable within it. While you are creative this does not always apply to your long term relationships. Sometimes you lack the creativity to spark new adventures within a loving partnership and this will ultimately bore your partner unless you’re paired with another Pisces.  The lack of sexual drive (and in extreme Pisces you would prefer to be asexual) can cause resentment within romantic relationships. Therefore, understanding that others need intimacy of the sexual kind and working on that aspect will prove to be fruitful.

Most importantly Pisces needs to work on getting their head out of the clouds. While there is plenty of room for daydreaming, it has to have a purpose. There needs to be a balance between visualization and logic and realism. Getting too lost in your own head and being too self-sacrificing can hold you back.

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