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Pisces And Motivation – How To Keep Motivated If You’re A Pisces

Pisces And Motivation – How To Keep Motivated If You’re A Pisces

Pisces can’t get out of their own way sometimes because they are very emotional and they also love to ignore the outer world – their inner world of fantasy and imagination is often far more compelling! This sign can often have escapist tendencies preferring to create and remain in an inner world of no conflict where they can internalize their emotions and constantly process them. The problem with this is that they may never reach the action phase of a goal and their motivation is often non-existent. Why change if you swim away into an inner world where you can temporarily avoid any negative consequences arising from remaining the same.

In terms of goal setting Pisceans can and do use their psychic abilities (or their intuition) to quickly pick up on things that need changing but that doesn’t mean they will be quick to make those changes. They are too immersed in fantasizing about the results they desire and less than keen when it comes to putting in the work required to actually get the results. If this sign is to fulfill their potential, they are very likely to need some prodding, coaching and a lot of positive feedback.

Unfortunately for Pisces, this sign will often absorb and internalize any negativity that comes their way and that will smother whatever little motivation they may muster up. Those that criticize this sign need to do so carefully as they will take it to heart and Pisces will not do well if they feel defeated before they have even started.

This sign is also known to be a negative “Nellie” and can become bogged down with defeatest emotions which will get in the way of their progress. Refraining from having self-defeating internal conversations can prove to be helpful, as can looking at the overall goal with objectivity instead of emotion. Chunking down larger goals into smaller ones will help them see their progress along the way and assist in their motivation remaining high. They cannot allow negative commentary from others to influence the progress they are making.

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