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Perfection Personified: Taurus At Their Best…

Perfection Personified: Taurus At Their Best…

Taurus At Their Best

Most astrologers, myself included, regard the Sun Sign as the key that unlocks the gateway to your personal fulfilment. It unveils your character, attributes, talents and strengths. Once you develop them fully they will give you the feeling of having discovered who you really are.

Realise these Sun Sign Strengths and you may be able to answer that most vital question – ‘why am I here?’

Finding the ways to develop your Sun Sign’s strengths and expressing them encourages you to lead a happier, more fulfilled life. This even applies to those of you who feel you aren’t at ease with what your Sun Sign is. It also applies to those of you who gleefully sit there and point out that you’re nothing your Sun Sign. Boy have I got news for you guys! There is a very good reason why you aren’t like your Sun Sign – you are here to learn how to be like it!

Grant Lewi referred to the Sun as indicative of “the psychological bias which will dominate your actions”. He went on to say, “You may think, dream, imagine, hope to be a thousand things, according to your Moon and your other planets: but the Sun is what you are, and to be your best self in terms of your Sun is to cause your energies to work along the path in which they will have maximum help from planetary vibrations.” Quoted from Astrology for the Millions (Llewellyn’s Classics of Astrology Library) by Grant Lewi.

Your Sun Sign is what you could and should be if you want to have a life that feels right to you. Socrates said ‘know yourself’.

If you lead a life where you cannot express your Sun Sign’s Strengths you will feel uncomfortable, unhappy and restricted. As you are thwarted from who you should be you’ll express your Sun Sign weaknesses. So for example; a Leo with no opportunities to be centre stage may become a vainglorious braggart who steals the credit for the achievements of others.

Talents and potential already reside within you – you just need to understand and express them. Think of the fully perfected you as a photograph that needs to be developed.

Think of your Sun sign as showing you those talents and strengths that lie within you waiting to be unleashed. Now I’m not promising that you that you’ll always find it easy to develop them but I am saying that they are there waiting to be developed, so it’s not like wasting your time trying to develop a talent that you just don’t have.

It’s easier to motivate yourself to develop the skills that align with your Sun Sign than those skills that are at odds with it.

Appreciate who you are and who you are meant to become. The intention behind this blog and the books associated with it is to empower you to cut through illusion and the expectation of others, so that you learn and develop in accordance with your Sun Sign’s Strengths.

“You are not meant for crawling, so don’t.

You have wings

Learn to use them, and fly.”

-Mevlana Jelalu’ddin Rumi

So what might the fully perfected Taurus be like?

Magnificent Taurus

At Their Most Magnificent Taurus Has The Following Traits:




Cautious and conservative in outlook

Excellent time-management skills



Admires the talents of others

Calm and patient

Gentle and placid




Excellent cook

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