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Nightmare Dates for Virgo

Nightmare Dates for Virgo

Want to tick off a Virgo? Plan a date that includes no thought whatsoever. For this sign words mean little if action doesn’t follow and you aren’t going to get anywhere unless you prove to them that you put time and effort into the planning the date.

They also aren’t the type to show boat and are perfectly content with staying home, cooking a meal together and watching a romantic comedy. Any date that is superficial will annoy this sign and grandstanding will ensure that they end it early. They don’t need to be wined and dined and actually if the date is too pre-orchestrated, it will come off as you trying too hard. Tricky, eh?

Showy gifts mean nothing so presenting a Virgo with a dozen red roses which are not only expensive but impractical (as they will die in days thinks Virgo) is a no-go. However a living rose bush is definitely a better option because it is realistic and practical. It will also remind the Virgo of a date that they enjoyed.

Anything that signals a waste of effort and certainly money will irritate the Virgo so avoid whimsical and twee dates that are overtly dramatized and fantastical. They will see such dates, and you, as impractical and won’t be in the mood for a rematch.

Over the top dates where great conversation is absent are also sure ways to turn off this sign. Focus instead on keeping your Virgo intellectually stimulated and on showing the Virgo that you have taken into account their preferences when planning your date.

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