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Nightmare Dates for Scorpio

Nightmare Dates for Scorpio

A bad date with a Scorpio will be daunting because they won’t mince words when they tell you they aren’t having a grand time. This sign wants to engage in deep and meaningful conversation and does not like a lot of distractions. Planning a date in an atmosphere that is too busy or not conducive to talking and connecting would be a nightmare.

This sign wants to get to know you as well as share intimate details about themselves so you need to create a space in which that can happen. The date will also be a failure if you don’t do your homework first as this sign doesn’t much care for surprises. They want to know what they are in for, so don’t use the method of keeping every detail a secret because it will backfire.

Lack of passion, intimacy and fire will kill the date before it even starts and they aren’t much of outdoors people either so try to keep the dates (at least the first few) to indoor arenas where they won’t be too hot or cold as this too will be a distraction.

Good choices might include a secluded table at a nice restaurant where the two of you can get lost in one another and maybe some candlelight and soft jazz or classical music in the background. Not great choices would be an arena such as a rock club or night out at a disco where talking is impossible.

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