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Nightmare Dates for Cancer

Nightmare Dates for Cancer

Known as the caretaker of the zodiac, this is a sign that is so attentive to others that they often forget to pay attention to their own needs, even when they most need it. Any date that involves a degree of nurturing or pampering will be a good one! Perhaps a couple’s spa or massage or a spontaneous day trip to the beach would be just what the doctor ordered.

Laborious dates are horrible dates for this sign. While others may revel in charity work or a project for a date, the Cancer spends most of their time assisting others and thus will be in need of some down time when they go on a date. They look for signs that their date has paid attention to their needs and aren’t impressed by flashy items nor do they wish to be in the spotlight. They prefer a more discrete venue where they are the sole focus of your attention.

A date that is not thought through or has no personal meaning will ultimately fail for this sign as will one that is too “on the go.” The Cancer needs to relax and recharge batteries so a date that quickly maneuvers from one high octane bar to another won’t be successful. Instead, pace the date, keep it tender and keep the focus on them.

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