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Nightmare Dates for Aquarius

Nightmare Dates for Aquarius

Wasting your time on a passionate or sentimental date for this sign isn’t recommended. Their child-like spirits prohibit them from even recognizing such details and they are more into things that are fun and adventure filled than activities which focus on the serious.

Looking to alienate an Aquarius? Invite them to an orchestra, ballet or opera where they will be restless, bored and antsy. They are also uncomfortable with anything confining or too conventionally high class and will probably go out of their way to be under-dressed. If they’re feeling particularly rebellious they may decide to embarrass you – after all they won’t be seeing you again! Bringing this sign to a 5-star restaurant is a recipe for disaster and they will be like a fish out of water. Simplicity is the key for this sign as is a changing atmosphere.

They will grow tired of the same old, so planning a spontaneous day is the way to go. They love variety and will be much more at home climbing the side of a mountain or jet skiing than dressed in a three piece suit trying to figure out what fork to use.

This is one sign where flexibility is admired so go ahead and ask them what they may like to do. They are great team players and collaborators and are happy to just be out and about, exploring new things and being their carefree selves.

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