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New Year, New You. Cancer Birthday Resolutions

New Year, New You. Cancer Birthday Resolutions

Astrologically the best time to make your New Year’s Resolutions isn’t New Year’s Day as many of us understand it. It is our own New Year’s Day; the day when the Sun returns to the place that it was at the time of our birth otherwise known as our birthday. This is a time when many of us do review what we have done to date and make a commitment to ourselves that (if things are not as we wish them to be) this year will be different. On our birthday we often decide how we want things be in the coming year and if we choose to make a resolution to accomplish something we are more likely to succeed than if we make a resolution at a time that has less personal significance for us.

Now when it comes to making birthday resolutions we are more likely to be successful if we pick resolutions that fit in with who really are as opposed to going for one that we think we ‘should’ make.

Why not resolve to become more like to like your Sun sign? Why not pick a few of those wonderful Sun sign strengths and character traits that you have waiting for you to develop, and develop some of them further? Why not play to your strengths and make some resolutions and goals that you will make you feel fulfilled when you hit them? How do I know that you will feel fulfilled when you become more like your Sun sign? Take a look at the blog manifesto for the answer to that one!

Developing your Sun sign strengths will make for more lasting results than trying to stick to a New Year’s resolution that is at odds with you really are. Let’s face it Aries is going to find sticking to a resolution to be less impatient much harder than resolving to be more assertive or to set up their own business. That’s not to say that developing your Sun sign strengths is always going to be easy, sometimes it will be rather challenging, but the results will be both satisfying and long lasting.

So with this in mind I am making a few Birthday Resolution suggestions based on your Sun sign. There is one Bithday Resolution suggestion that applies to all the Sun signs and that’s to love your Sun sign. Be proud to be a member of Team Aries, Team Taurus, Team Gemini, Team Cancer, Team Leo, Team Virgo, Team Libra, Team Scorpio, Team Sagittarius, Team Capricorn, Team Aquarius or Team Pisces. Have a look at some of the forums that are devoted to one specific Sun sign in order to connect with people who are the same Sun sign as you. Find out what makes them (and you) fabulous!

Rather than suggest you make Birthday Resolutions to deal with your Sun sign’s negative traits I’m going to suggest that you make New Year’s Resolutions that will bring out your Sun sign’s positive traits. The more you express those the less likely you are to express those nuisance negative traits that hold you back.

So what talents and traits might Cancer resolve to make the most of?

Cancer Birthday Resolutions.

Now what Birthday Resolutions might work well for family oriented and business savvy Cancer? Well a Cancerian might resolve to track down far flung family members, arrange a family get together or even research their family tree. They might decide that this is the year to propose or start a family. They might decide that this is the year to go for promotion or create their dream home. They might decide to open that restaurant, train to be a chef or open an antique shop. Cancerians are usually very entrepreneurial especially if their business involves nurturing others or a connection with the past.

One thing that can hold Cancerians back is fear of failure or of things going wrong. So one great Birthday Resolution might be to get to grips with any fears that are holding you back and accept that often fear is just False Evidence Appearing Real. Have a quick read of the earlier posts on Negative Bias to get things in perspective. Remember that you are both intuitive and shrewd so it is unlikely that you will misread a situation if you trust yourself enough to act on your hunches. This also applies to your dealings with other people and can help you find it easier to trust people.

Like Earth sign Taurus you would benefit from learning how to establish boundaries if you haven’t already done so and by taking steps to overcome shyness and develop mire self-confidence. Another resolution that would serve Cancerians well would be to commit to spending time with positive and uplifting people. You might also resolve to allow others to do a bit more pampering and looking after you for a change!

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