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Neuro-pleasure & Neuro-pain Part 4

Neuro-pleasure & Neuro-pain Part 4

There’s much to learn from all aspects of existence – pain, disappointment and sadness – simply because they’re an inescapable part of the human condition. All life is suffering, the first of the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism, right? That’s why these aspects of life are traditionally considered ‘character forming’. Clarity of thought entails confronting the sad and sometimes scary but also celebrating and integrating the good. You need to allow the various expressions of life to filter through. This is where our friend equanimity comes in.

When you have an awesome positive life experience or thought sequence, take a little while, say ten or twenty seconds to heighten this, to rack it up in your mind, and get it instilled into your neural network. This introduces more equilibrium and equanimity into the neural tapestry of existence, deepening it and enabling you to address and manage the challenging expressions of life when they invariably occur.

Repeatedly internalising these experiences enables you to be more effective at managing threats, challenges or rejections. Dealing with life and enjoying it encourages you to experience life in its multidimensional totality with greater clarity, perception and energy, accepting whatever life confronts you with.

Developing the tools that characterise a wide emotional and experiential range is your friend here. When something awesome happens, enjoy the experience, relish it, and internalise it. This makes the positive feelings associated with that experience available for future usage, The hippocampus registers, packages and reroutes it to other storage locations in the brain, so you can call on it to give you an emotional buzz whenever you need to. Maybe incorporate it within your Deus Neural Architecture (DNA).

Priming your brain to look out for challenges, opportunities and threats encourages mindfulness and stimulates your brain to develop. If you’re feeling in a particularly naughty frame of mind, try a walking meditation through a busy shopping mall and remain vigilant and alert. Look at people around you and assess how alert, vital and alive they are. Don’t judge them but simply observe as you move around with purpose and clarity. You might wryly see yourself as an apex predator amongst all the lazy torpid flotsam and jetsam of the world.

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