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Neuro-pleasure & Neuro-pain Part 3

Neuro-pleasure & Neuro-pain Part 3

You can use your mind to train your brain to nuke any negative thoughts that lead to pessimism while accelerating the types of positive thoughts that lead to optimism. Your mission is to become the master of neuronal nuancing that leads to greater happiness. The rewiring starts in your neurons.

Negative thinking impedes brain coordination, hampering the processing of thoughts and finding solutions. Fear often occurs when you focus on negative outcomes. This decreases cognitive activity in your cerebellum and therefore impedes your brain’s ability to process new information. Fear limits you in creatively solving problems. Fear also impacts your left temporal lobe thus negatively impacting your mood and memory, and the ability to control any unhealthy impulsiveness that you might engage in.

Your PFC determines what’s important according to the amount of attention you give something and how much emotion you invest in it. If you choose to focus on negativity, your brain creates synapses and neurons that support and reinforce your negative thought processes. This impacts your life experience, and not in a good way.

Your hippocampus provides the context for stored memories. The emotional tone and description your mind creates can rewire your brain via the creation of stronger neuronal pathways and synapses. What you think and feel about a situation or event can become deeply embedded. If so, you’ll find it more challenging to dismantle negative connections.

You can rewire your brain to be less fearful, to think positively and to trust that you will be successful. Your mental processing originates from brain activity. Your brain is in control when it comes to creating and shaping your mind and therefore your perception of reality. Repeating mental activity with focus and determination changes your brain’s structure, wiring, and capability.

The actions you take can expand or contract different regions of your brain, revving up neural circuits via Long Term Potentiation (LTP) or dismantling them by Long Term Depression (LTD or cell suicide). The more you demand from your brain, the more cortical space it allocates to new tasks. Stronger connections are made in circuits that reinforce the desired behaviour or thought, whilst severing connections in others. Your actions, thoughts, feelings are perceptions resonate in the size of respective brain regions and neural connections.

What you think, do, and say matters. It affects who you become internally and externally. The upshot is that you can re-engineer your brain to be more positive. Think positive thoughts, cultivate optimism, and refocus, defrag and reboot your brain when negative thoughts materialise. Your mind determines how your brain reacts to what happens in your life. Reframe events and think positively.

Also combine this with clarity of thought. It’s advisable to see the whole picture, a gestalt view that encompasses positive, negative and neutral. All events and activities encompass light and dark with varying gradations, nuancing that’s both subtle and obvious.

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