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Neuro-pleasure & Neuro-pain Part 2

Neuro-pleasure & Neuro-pain Part 2

Cheerful optimistic people invariably have higher activity levels in their positive oriented left PFC. Optimism engages highly desirable cognitive, emotional, and motivational components. Optimistic people generally enjoy better moods, are more persevering and successful and often in better overall physical health. Optimists attribute good events to their own endeavours and perceive bad events as either transient (‘sometimes’, ‘lately’, ‘occasionally’, ‘I feel a sadness upon me’) or the fault of others (if you find you don’t get any value or payoff from blaming yourself, blame someone or something else).

In addition, optimists:

  • Experience lives characterised by eudaimonia and equanimity.
  • Spend less time alone ruminating about the past or catastrophising about the future, and more time socializing, hence growing their network of connections, life experiences and increasing their luck factor.
  • Tend to enjoy strong relationships at both a personal and professional level.
  • Enjoy sound physical and mental health, avoid or decelerate the cognitive decline that accompanies ageing, and have stronger immune system.
  • Attain greater longevity.

Pessimists process good things that happen to them by referencing transient causes, (moods and effort) and frame bad events as permanent and absolute conditions (‘always’, ‘can’t’, and ‘never’ tend to be frequently used in their vocabularies).


  • Tend to assume setbacks are permanent and pervasive, resulting from their personal failings and thus an eternal element in their cognitive ecosystem.
  • Are more likely to suffer from depression than optimists.
  • Often perform worse at school and in work and personal contexts.
  • Experience troubled interpersonal relationships.
  • Die sooner.


Unhappy people spend much time comparing themselves to other people whereas happy people rarely compare themselves with anyone and get on with enjoying their lives.

So how does this impact you?
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