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Needs Met, No Sweat Part 2 of 3 Choosing the Right Partner

Needs Met, No Sweat Part 2 of 3

Choosing the Right Partner

People consistently fail to pick the right partner as they lack clarity regarding what they need from both a relationship and a partner. So, to resolve this potential nightmare, draw up a list of what you want and make sure you are specific.

A major development in creating and developing your ideal relationship is to recognise, accept and fulfil your needs. The quality of your relationships depends on this.

Your needs constitute the criteria for choosing your partner. Say one of you wants long term financial security, you won’t be comfortable with someone whose fortune fluctuates or who enjoys high risk financial tactics. Long term needs are paramount to your satisfaction here. Choosing someone who’s a short term risk taker, although initially exciting in a roller coaster kind of way, will most likely guarantee a relationship whose stock not only freefalls but goes into liquidation. Just make sure you are out of the house when the liquidators arrive.

Clarify your values. There’s a far higher probability of success if you and your partner share the same values.


These are the non-negotiable must haves in your life.

Write down the ten most important life values. Add any more that are significant. Here are a few ideas:

Love                            Marriage                      Respect

Security                       Power                          Achievements

Health                          Passion                       Acceptance

Happiness                   Integrity                       Humour

Money                         Success                      Kindness

Adventure                   Freedom                     Independence

Travel                          Understanding             Excitement

Honesty                       Compassion                Intimacy

Children                       Trust

Rank them in order of importance, so you work out what is really important in a partner, then prioritise your requirements so you know what you need to bring into your life.

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