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When You Need to Kill Your Dreams

When You Need to Kill Your Dreams

It sounds horrible doesn’t it?Yet there are times when our dreams become toxic and we need to become our own dream slayer. Everyone has aspirations and goals that they wish to accomplish, but at times these dreams may become a hindrance to your everyday life.  With that being said, you may be in a position where you will need to kill your dreams.  You may be wondering, why would I want to kill my dreams?  There are several reasons as to why you will want to and below we will discuss situations where you may be required to cut back on your goals and aspirations.

Acquiring Peace of Mind

The number one reason as to why you will want to kill your dreams is to give yourself peace of mind.  It is extremely common for individuals to overwhelm themselves with things that they want to accomplish throughout their lives. They just keep adding more and more things that they wish to accomplish to their ever growing pile of ‘things to do’. This activity can become toxic. If you find that you are setting your sights on too many objectives, it may be time to get rid of some dreams to give your brain a rest.  Stress can bring forth a plethora amount of health detriments such as heart problems, a loss of appetite, and even the development of mental illnesses. So while I covered dream slayers in the Terminating the Toxicity in Your Life series of posts there are times when we need to become the slayers of our own dreams.

Unattainable Goals

Another reason as to why you may want to kill your dreams is if they are completely unattainable.  Sure, you may want to climb Mt. Everest at one point in your life, but it may not be the most realistic goal to have. The same may apply if we wish to become a supermodel and we’re only 4ft 10″, sometimes dreams are unattainable no matter how much we yearn to accomplish them. Being brave enough to kill your dreams will provide you with the opportunity to save room for attainable goals.  The more realism that you have in your life, the more likely you will be to accomplish your goals.

Having Certainty

In relation to attainable goals, killing unrealistic dreams is a great way to provide yourself with certainty.  As humans, we require a certain level of stability so that we are able to accurately see where we are going in our lives.  With that being said, it can be quite advantageous to have certainty so that you can accurately predict how you can work to become the person that you want to be and to accomplish goals that you have always wanted to accomplish.

Needing to kill your dreams may seem like a negative concept, but it can actually be a great thing to do.  Whether you are stressing over an an excessive amount of goals or even if your dreams are completely unattainable, you may want to consider providing yourself with peace and certainty to be successful throughout your lifetime.

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