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Mercury Signs

The placement of Mercury, the planet associated with the way we communicate and process information, affects the way we communicate with others and how we process information. Are we, for example, someone who thinks and communicates at lightning speed or are we someone who takes their time to respond to questions? Do we think in a linear and structured manner or are we more intuitive? Mercury also represents travel both mental and physical.

Mercury in Aries

Forceful communicator. You will get your point across in an outspoken and/or witty way. You can be aggressive and argumentative in your communication with others due to the fact that you have a strong conviction that your point of view is the right one. You also have a strong belief in your own ideas.

Mercury in Taurus

This placement makes you able to process and assimilate information slowly and methodically. You will come to a decision slowly once all the facts have been gathered and evaluated. Once you have made your mind up you are unlikely to change it.

Mercury in Gemini

Quick-witted, rapid fire communication is your forte. You have a lively and inquiring mind. You also have a great need to communicate. Unlike Mercury in Taurus folk your opinions are formed quickly and are changed quickly should new data come to light.

Mercury in Cancer

The person with Mercury in Cancer communicates in an emotional way. This person does not always process information in an objective manner and is likely to be guided by past experiences. Mercury in Cancer usually bestows an excellent memory especially where powerful emotions were triggered.

Mercury in Leo

A natural orator. This person can be rather a show off and can appear conceited. Communication is often bombastic and opinions or prejudices are formed quickly. Mercury in Leo has very strong opinions and wants you to know about them. Once this person has formed their opinions they are slow to revise or revisit them.

Mercury in Virgo

The logical communicator. Communication will be analytical, precise and highly detailed. While this person can be witty they can also be cruel and overcritical. Criticism will hurt when this person gives it because they are so perceptive. They can appear cold in their communication and can sometimes bore people to tears with too much detail!

Mercury in Libra

Mercury in Libra takes a while to come to a decision while he or she weighs up both (or more) sides of an argument. This person can appear to vacillate as they try to come up with a solution that is as fair as possible. While Mercury in Libra can appear and be judgemental, they usually gather plenty of input from others before coming to a logical conclusion.

Mercury in Scorpio

Like the person with Mercury in Sagitttarius, the person with Mercury in Scorpio will be drawn to life’s eternal questions and mysteries. However, this person is likely to approach answering them by a different route.

Mercury in Scorpio is associated with a deeply penetrating approach when it comes to answering life’s questions or indeed finding out what somebody has been up to. Any questions asked will be designed to get straight to the point or heart of the matter.  When dealing with others the questions may be coloured by suspicion as this Mercury placement does not indicate someone who takes things (and people) at face value. Perceptive, shrewd and strong-willed, this person knows exactly what they want their communications to achieve. If they choose to use their words to manipulate, it is likely that they will succeed.

Mercury in Sagittarius

A placement that suggests a person who is interested in philosophy and takes a philosophical approach to life. Mercury in Sagittarius can be blunt, brutally honest and rather tactless. This person loves to learn, craves intellectual stimulation and is likely to want to answer the question, “Why am I here?”

Mercury in Capricorn

This person will communicate in well thought and constructive manner. They are likely to ensure that their communication presents them in a good light and moves them further toward their goals. They are unlikely to break ranks and shock through their communication. They have a strong sense of how things ought to be and will communicate that to others.

Mercury in Aquarius

This is the person who’s communication is somewhat left-field. Their approach to processing information is likely to lead to interesting breakthroughs and unconventional ways of doing things.  Sometimes Mercury in Aquarius’ way of thinking and communicating can be scattered and erratic. However, this is an independent and original thinker, who is capable of separating feelings from thoughts. This really is a person who can view the world and those in it in a clinically detached way.

Mercury in Pisces

The person with Mercury in Pisces tends to process information and draw conclusions intuitively. They are sensitive to the impressions they pick up when it comes to people, situations and events. Often this serves them well and they can come up with inspired solutions to whatever challenges present themselves. However, a tendency to be over-reliant on intuition rather than logic can lead to a lack of focus and at its worst deception and gullibility. The person with Mercury in Pisces can deceive themselves as well as those around them. They can slso have problems with establishing boundaries.

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