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Mars in TAURUS

Mars in TAURUS

Your responses to sexual stimuli are strong and sensual in an earthy way, but slow to arouse. You are very persistent and extremely patient when striving toward your goals. You also refuse to accept defeat.

Money and other material possessions are important to you, and you prefer to surround yourself with the best quality you can find. This placement encourages you to open your eyes to what else has value – love for example.

You enjoy a great deal of sensual contact with your partner and need someone who is likewise predisposed to being caressed and hugged. You also desire security in a relationship, which can lead to you becoming unadventurous or, worse still, jealous and possessive. In sexual encounters you are slow to become aroused but have the stamina to show a great deal of endurance in lovemaking. You seek a long- term relationship, which will provide you with a constant source of love and sexual stimulation. You also need a relationship that remains on an even keel. Dramatic and tempestuous types are not for you.

Mars in TAURUS woman is attracted to men who are what one might call a ‘typical’ Taurus man – traditional, conservative, manly (but less thrusting than Aries), stable, reliable, trustworthy and protective. She is likely to be attracted to a man who wishes her to play a traditional feminine role and who prefers ultra-feminine women. He needs to be good provider also.

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