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Mars in LEO

Mars in LEO

Your responses to sexual stimuli are positive, passionate and extremely enthusiastic. With Mars in Leo, you are highly creative and artistically talented. Furthermore you have the confidence, enthusiasm, dedication and ambition required to put these gifts to good use. Like Mars in Aries you are impulsive and passionate about everything in life and determined to live life to the full. The only danger of this Mars placement is that pride may make you stubborn and quarrelsome (at high volume! You are the Zodiac’s drama queen!). You do need to know when there is a danger of overdoing it, both emotionally and physically, otherwise, you could strain your body, and specifically your heart.

You are a warm, loyal and open lover who is extremely generous with your partner. You are unlikely to put up with courting rituals unless they appeal to your sense of the theatrical, but you are a very attentive lover who will go to extreme lengths to make your lovemaking sessions perfect, and to be creative in the bedroom. Be sure not to insist on sole control over directing and choreographing the show as your partner come up with his or her own stunning ideas!

Mars in Leo gives you the gift of being able to make any love affair or romantic situation a magical one. You treat your lover like royalty, and expect them to treat you with the same courtesy in return. You demand that your partner respect you and allow you to maintain your dignity (the famous Leo pride). Piss takers need not apply – you have been warned Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius!

Mars in Leo woman likes a man who struts and preens like a Leo. She is attracted to a proud, passionate, limelight loving showman who might just spend more time on his appearance than she does on hers! Confidence is a massive turn on for this woman (along with drama and grand gestures). This woman also finds possessiveness and jealously a turn on (it makes her feel loved, you see). However the jealousy and possessiveness should not be excessive as this lady expects her partner to be fun loving and playful rather than intense, serious and brooding. She also expects him to indulge her financially.

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