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Mars in GEMINI

Mars in GEMINI

Your responses to sexual stimuli are lively, bright and not intense. You are likely to be all talk and no action as far as some of the more physical types are concerned.

You have a very sharp mind, and others see you as very witty, perhaps sarcastic. This is a great placement for a writer, salesperson or anyone else who needs an edge when it comes to communication. You also have a tendency to start several projects at once, generating a great deal of nervous energy and failing to complete any of them. Oh, dear! Try not to over-promise this time, Mars in Gemini! In order for you to succeed, you really must learn concentration and self-discipline. You also need to engineer some downtime into your hectic schedule in order to avoid constant burnout. Failure to do so may result in physical illness or injury.

With Mars in Gemini you need constant excitement and stimulation in order to maintain your interest in a love affair. Your search for new and entertaining partners is likely to be life-long. You are strongly attracted to partners who have mastered the art of intellectual lovemaking as mere physical attraction is not enough.

You are highly inventive and experimental in sex and have a very delicate, sensual touch. You are also more than happy to have several lovers on the go. What better way to stop you getting bored, you say? Well, you could try teaming up with someone who is as experimental as you are!

Mars in Gemini woman is attracted to men who could be regarded as being like the sun in Gemini man. She often prefers her men to be slim, athletic and inventive in bed. A mental connection is important as is a rapier like wit. Emotional intensity does not usually appeal nor does a man who gives up his social life for domestic bliss. Possessive and/or navel gazing types need not apply! Macho men can forget any ideas about being her lover.

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