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Mars in ARIES

Mars in ARIES

You are blessed with an active mind and an active lifestyle. Your response to life, especially sex, is ardent, eager and enthusiastic. You want to live life to the full. With Mars in its home sign, Aries, you often act without thinking through all of the consequences and can therefore be rash and impulsive. This can even result in injuries (especially to the head).

You have a direct approach to romance and lovemaking, and therefore need a lover who isn’t too concerned with endless foreplay and romantic gestures. They also need to be prepared for the fact that that Mars-in-Aries makes his or her mind up very quickly and expects to initiate most of the sexual activity. Mars-in-Aries does not like to be chased or expect to indulge in a prolonged courtship. This guy or gal wants to see some action!

As a result of your impulsive reactions to life and love you need to be careful not to grab an unsuitable partner – look before you dive in, Aries! Also, be sure to get all sides of the story and think things over carefully before acting in anger. Otherwise, you may regret it when you calm down. Finally, remember that your partner does have feelings, so indulge your competitive streak by making the mother of romantic gestures occasionally.

Mars in ARIES woman is typically attracted to a man who embodies the characteristic typically associated with a male Aries including virility, dynamism, straightforwardness, honesty, physical prowess, confidence, courage and determination.

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