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Your responses to sexual are unconventional, rebellious and independent. With Mars in Aquarius, you are eclectic, have a highly developed intellect and are good at “thinking on your feet”, which makes you invaluable during emergencies. Crisis management is your forte. You are very independent and insist that your loved ones accept you as you are and give you the freedom you require.

In your career you are a not the ideal company man or woman, you find too much about corporate life mundane. You are, however, a hard worker and have a knack for coming up with ingenious ideas to improve efficiency and effectiveness. You are also great at coming up with creative, even revolutionary ideas. Your colleagues, friends and loved ones respect your loyalty and would gladly place ‘their life in your hands’.

You are somewhat unconventional in love (and proud of it) and often fly in the face of tradition. It is not easy for you to establish lasting intimate relationships, you tend to go for quantity rather than quality, and yet, as a fixed sign, you crave them and the stability that they provide. Thus, once you have made a commitment you are very loyal and devoted. It is important for you to be able to respect your lover and consider him or her one of your best friends. Your love partners are likely to be “different” from society’s norm, which is great because you are too. It is essential for you to have a direct and honest partner who is prepared to trust enough to let you have your freedom. You are more than happy to allow your mate their freedom in return.

Mars in AQUARIUS woman is attracted to an unconventional, off the wall type of man who will allow her plenty of freedom. He needs to be intelligent (though he does not need to be an intellectual), an excellent conversationalist and (above all) interesting. Furthermore the only time she wants him to be rigid is in the bedroom (or anywhere else that takes her fancy)!

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