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Is Sagittarius Manipulative?

Is Sagittarius Manipulative?

Sagittarius is usually regarded as being direct, straightforward and honest – sometimes brutally so. They also regard themselves as the Zodiac’s truth tellers, which does not fit in with being manipulative. In fact, were someone to accuse them of being manipulating Sagittarius would be rather shocked. As far as the Archer is concerned the reason that they get their way so much of the time is because people like them. And for the most part this is true. Sagittarius gets forgiven their poor timekeeping, over-promising and tactlessness because they’re such fun people to be around.

Unless they decide to unleash a volley of snarky, snide remarks that masquerade as humour, that is. The victim looks unreasonable if they take offense. The Archer was only joking after all. Only an over-sensitive party pooper wouldn’t realise that Sagittarius was teasing, surely. Yet the Archer’s stinging barbs inject the venom as surely as a Scorpio’s sting. Those poison arrows will be well aimed for the Archer is intuitive enough to know what really hurts someone. Watch a Sagittarius select a victim and watch their eyes dart to and fro reading their cronies’ body language in order to check that they haven’t gone too far this time. For Sagittarius always wants to be seen to take the moral high ground.

Sagittarius can also make a habit of sharing your deepest secrets with others. If you’ve done anything wrong or that you’re ashamed of you can be sure that they’ll let the wronged person know. Probably at just the wrong time for you. ‘Well,’ says Sagittarius ‘I felt it only right to tell them. It’s only fair that they should know what you’re really like. And anyway you know I can’t keep a secret!’

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