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Is Capricorn Manipulative?

Is Capricorn Manipulative?

Along with fellow Earth sign Virgo, Capricorn seems to take a lot of flack from others that borders on character assassination. Name any unlikeable trait and the poor Sea Goat will get labelled with it, often alongside Scorpio and Virgo. Now am I going to add being manipulative too that list or not?

Actually, I’m not. While Capricorns are, like all cardinal signs, goal focussed and determined to win they usually do not try to manipulate others. They prefer to attain their goals through lower risk strategies. ‘The problem with manipulation’, thinks Capricorn ‘is that I can’t be 100% that the person will do what I expect them to do. They might do the opposite of what I want or they might realise that I’m trying to manipulate them, which would be even worse’. The other problem as far as Capricorn is concerned is that they might be found out. The Sea Goat does like to be seen to be being underhand, sly, sneaky or manipulative. They do not want to feel the shame and embarrassment that they would feel if caught out.

As a rule they prefer to succeed on merit and ability. They like to have their true worth recognised and they like to win in a fair and honourable manner. They do not want their achievements tarnished by wondering whether they’d have accomplished their goals without manipulating others. Capricorn is well aware that if others find out that they’ve been stitched up or manipulated they’ll looks for ways to get revenge. This is a distraction that the sea goat does not need.

That said Capricorn will use manipulation to get what they want if there is no other option. When Capricorn does put their mind to manipulating others they are surprisingly good at it due to their ability to empathise. Capricorn (having a watery side) is very good at reading people’s emotions which helps when it comes to getting them to do what the Sea Goat wants. It is unlikely that the Sea Goat will go for emotional blackmail or making people feel guilty. They’ll look for other ways to achieve the desired results. When it comes to manipulating others Capricorn is likely to model themselves on people for whom this tactic has worked in the past.

Mostly though; if the Sea Goat goes for manipulation it will be subtle. Capricorn is brilliant at subtle manipulation and well able to ‘plant the seed’ months in advance to ensure a specific outcome. Then all it needs is a few equally subtle pushes in the right direction.

Finally, Capricorn does get accused of manipulating people by undermining them. However, this is not usually the Sea Goat’s aim. Their aim is to be helpful. As far as Capricorn is concerned, you need to know what your flaws and weaknesses are before you can begin to fix them.

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