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Is Aries Manipulative?

Is Aries Manipulative?

When people think of manipulative Zodiac signs Aries usually comes pretty low down the list. Why? Because Aries is usually both honest and direct when it comes to asking for what they want. If they want something from you they’ll tell you in a direct and forthright manner.

Aries does not really have the patience to get what s/he wants by manipulating others. Machiavellian tactics are not usually part of the Ram’s repertoire of techniques for getting what they want out of life. Why bother when grabbing what you want works so much better? As far as Aries is concerned if you want it, take it and ask for forgiveness later (but only if you have to)! The same applies to taking action. Aries will act and then ask permission later (but only if they have no option other than to ask for forgiveness).

Charismatic Aries tends to get people on board by inspiring them and selling them a vision of how much better life could be if lived the Aries way. Failing that, the Ram can manipulate those around them by making colleagues and loved ones fearful of provoking an epic Aries tantrum. Much better to let Aries have their way than to have to duck flying objects; think less combative souls.

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