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I Love My Job – What Jobs Would Libra Love?

I Love My Job – What Jobs Would Libra Love?

Balancing business and pleasure is among your foremost challenges because you tend to be extremely hard working. Many Librans find they can fall into a pattern of working in intense bursts, followed by periods of rest and consolidation to recharge those Libra batteries, so a working environment that does not allow for flexible working hours and/or working from home would not really be to your taste. Nor would one where sitting quietly mulling things over or taking soundings from your colleagues is regarded as skiving.

Libra will look at all sides of an issue, then make a careful and deliberate decision once they’re sure it’s the right one. The sense of justice and fair play attached to those born under this sign is remarkable. Librans enjoy the leader’s role and will work hard to be worthy of the privilege. If Libra leads from a position of strength of strength he, or she, can become exceptionally influential.

Librans crave the exchange of ideas and if all this takes place in a social situation, even better. Librans along with Gemini are the networkers of the Zodiac. The mediator in Libra likes bringing people together, but the Scales also enjoy having a partner at their side. There are very few Libran solo-preneurs though those that do exist are usually very successful. While Libra values being surrounded by a group of people, one true ally in the trenches is priceless. Librans are very aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and will tend to partner with colleagues who have strengths that the Scales lack. Libra has no problem with delegating tasks to others, which if taken to excess can lead to colleagues accusing them of laziness and using people.

Librans are very aware that they produce their best work with skilled accompanists, so are highly motivated to keep their partnerships sailing smoothly. They are the diplomats of the business world.

If there’s one thing the Scales could use, it’s a bit of grit when it comes time to making tough decisions. That swinging back and forth can’t go on forever! When it comes to crisis management, however, the Scales can spring to amazing action, even if it’s a place they’d rather not be.

Libra rarely stays in a sub-ordinate position for long, and requires status and advancement to stop around. All the skills and traits exhibited by the Libra Boss apply to the Libra employee. The only difference between Libra boss and Libra employee is the level of task the diplomatic Libran applies its thorough intellect to.

Librans are usually far smarter than their superiors, and one of their first actions on joining a company will be to undertake a concerted campaign to take themselves to the top. Libra will immediately know which corporate executives are the real ‘power players’ in an organisation and will effortlessly form alliances with them. Librans also get themselves powerful sponsors and mentors. A rigid, hierarchical outfit that denies the Libran the opportunity to do this is unlikely to suit unless the Libran decides to hang around in order to pick up useful skills before making their next move. Libra will also be unhappy in a working environment where bullying and discrimination are the norm.

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