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Astrological Tidbit … If It Looks Like A Duck … Ascendant Or Rising Signs


If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck and swims like duck, it is a duck or so the saying goes. This, dare one say it,  obvious saying does not, however, necessarily hold true where the wonderful world of astrology is concerned. As far as astrology is concerned if s/he looks like an Aries and acts like an Aries, s/he might be an Aries but s/he is equally likely to be a Capricorn or any other Zodiac sign.

Why is this? Welcome to the wild and wacky world of Ascendant or Rising signs, which describe between half and two thirds of our appearance. The remaining third is down to our Sun sign and other factors. For those of you who are screaming very loudly, “What about genetics, you idiot?” I have a little game I’d like you to play. Pick the parent you look most like and find out their Ascendant sign. Do the same for yourself and see whether they are the same. For a surprising number of you they will be. As a bonus game you might like to see whether you have the Sun sign as the parent you look most like, or whether their Ascendant sign is the same as your Sun sign or vice versa.

Our Rising sign affects more than our appearance; it affects the way we react to new people initially. It tells us how we see the world and how the world sees us. It is the mask we wear until we feel safe, so going back to our Capricorn s/he will behave like an Aries in front of us until s/he trusts us enough to unleash that inner Sea Goat! So potent is the Ascendant sign that if our Ascendant sign conflicts with our Sun sign we might just think, ‘Well, I’m nothing like my Sun sign at all!’

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