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Are Libra, Scorpio & Sagittarius Resilient?

Are Libra, Scorpio & Sagittarius Resilient?

Is Libra Resilient?

The Libran takes a very balanced and rational approach to life’s knocks. They aren’t given to angsty negativism and accept that life is somewhat chaotic, bad things do happen to good people and that the best thing to do with a set-back is to see what if anything might be learnt from it. Once the Libran has looked at what, if anything, they might need to do differently in the future; they will pick themselves up and move onwards and upwards.

Is Scorpio Resilient?

This sign is the Star sign associated with rising phoenix like from the ashes. Their resilient nature is the stuff of legends.

Is Sagittarius Resilient?

In keeping with their mutable nature, Sagittarians can adapt to most situations and are usually pretty resilient when it comes to change and set-backs.  They don’t tend to get emotionally involved or overly attached to people, situations and/or possessions so are not desperately trying to preserve the status quo. In fact they are likely to use the set-back as a perfect opportunity for overhauling their life and taking off elsewhere.

Should surprise themselves by discovering that they’d still like to accomplish their original goal they will usually come up with an off the wall way to get round anyone or anything that is set to get in their way!

Having a wide circle of friends also helps Sagittarius deal with life’s challenges.

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