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Let’s Go Round Again Part 3 – How To Win Back Virgo, Gemini, Cancer and Leo

Although the mantra goes, ‘your ex is an ex for a reason” almost all of us have experienced losing someone and wanting desperately to have them back. If winning back your ex is on your ‘to do’ list, knowing a few key things about their Sun Sign can help you do just that.


Virgos are tough to win back because they are stubborn, detached and once they have reason (and sometimes even when they don’t) to be suspicious, they won’t forget it in a hurry. A Virgo is dedicated to those they love, but once they feel wronged, they can remove any and all emotion from any situation better than any other sign.

If you are to tap into their emotions again, the best way to do so is to arrange a meeting at a place where they feel connected and comfortable. Doing so on a full moon is best as the moon dictates emotions and behavior so your ex will respond more positively. You can also employ a bit of romance but keep it fun and flirty as this is attractive to this sign. Virgo does like too much emotional intensity and finds it rather messy. You will have to make the first move because they won’t, so when the time is right, take advantage of their well hidden sexuality to make your move. Any kind of caressing or handholding will elicit a response if the mood is right.

You also want to communicate with this sign but let them ask most of the questions and show them that you are eager to listen. When they are done talking, offer your insights on the topic and bring it to a deep, spiritual level. This will appeal to their knowledge seeking side and once you get them talking in a philosophical way, they will become interested in you again and be reminded of why they fell in love with you to begin with.


Never approach reconciliation by being overly emotional with this sign because they will shut down for good. You have to remain calm and keep things in order to get through to your ex. Although the Gemini can feel things on a deep level, they can’t tolerate someone coming undone at the seams so you need to get them to hear you while being mature and rational.

A sure way to get them back is to transform yourself into someone who is whimsical, spontaneous and constantly evolving. You need to appear to be changeable and challenging enough to pique this sign’s interest again. Don’t allow them to write you off off or think that they know everything there is to know about you. This sign bores easily and loves to keep things moving. They also love to have things that spark their interest so think back to what you know they love and then reinvent yourself to be the person they have always dreamt about!

Be creative when trying to get your Gemini back because they love adventure. Choose a day when you’re feeling vibrant, call them up and ask if they would like to join you on a day long safari (or whatever activity is fun and spontaneous as far as they’re concerned) and let them know your intention is just to have their company while you explore something new. They will jump at the chance and probably drop everything if they know they are embarking on an exciting adventure.

Do this a few times but space the invites carefully – too many, too quickly will lose impact. You don’t want them to think you are pressuring them and the invites can’t be so frequent that they come to expect them because then they aren’t spontaneous and adventurous anymore and they will be bored.

This sign also loves to see confidence in their partner so when you land a promotion or are joining a new group, let them know about it. Whenever you are around them, look your best so you feel your best. That confidence will be a huge turn on for them.


Your approach to your Leo ex needs to be direct and more than anything they need to know without a doubt that you mean business when wanting to get back together. Don’t resort to doing anything that will cause them to feel jealous, as they are this way already and will become angry if they see you trying to use such tactics to get them back. Nobody wants to be manipulated, certainly not the proud and regal Leo.

You Leo’s ego is bruised and so you need to restore it. Flattery should be utilized whether it is telling them what a great partner they were, how nice or sexy they always looked or how amazing they are at their jobs. The Leo needs to know you look up to them and respect them before they will be willing to revisit your romance.

This sign is completely obsessed with their and your station in life and they rate appearance very highly. This means you always want to look your best so find ways to accidentally run into them when you look stunning and confident. If you’re in a room, work the room like never before so you appear powerful and confident and they won’t be able to not notice.

They are sexual by nature so it is also recommended that you exude that sexuality that you have (if you don’t have it, find it!) Invest in a manicure, buy a new outfit that is flattering and turn on the charm and your Leo is sure to come back swiftly.


Also an emotional sign, it is probable that you and your ex shared many passionate moments while together and it is those moments that will need to be revisited when talking about getting back together. Their memories are long so bringing up obstacles the two of you got through together will remind them of the good times you shared. They want to feel that connection again so you have to help them do that.

They won’t want to linger too much on the bad, but they need to know you understand where you went wrong and will want to know how you intend to not repeat those mistakes again. The way back into the heart of a Cancer is to start over. They will have to see you as a friend first before they will be willing to take it to the next level again.

Show them that you can be the best friend they have ever had, which will take some time, but continue to support them in whatever ventures they are working on currently. The Cancer is all about trust and stability so you will have to prove that you are a pillar of both and proving this will not happen overnight.

Tell them clearly that you are most interested in a platonic relationship initially and that in the longer term you would like to see the two of you back together but you aren’t in a rush. Honesty is the best policy so offer your friendship, work towards proving you can be a trusted partner in crime and then let the universe do the rest.

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