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Let’s Go Round Again Part 2 – How To Win Back Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Taurus

Although the mantra goes, ‘your ex is an ex for a reason” almost all of us have experienced losing someone and wanting desperately to have them back. If winning back your ex is on your ‘to do’ list, knowing a few key things about their Sun Sign can help you do just that.


The Libra will do all they can to avoid conflict and arguments and when you are approaching them about getting back together it is crucial to keep this in mind. Backing them into a corner, raising your voice or getting super emotional will accomplish one thing: turning them off and once they walk away, it is difficult to get them back.

The one thing that works in your favor with this sign is that they absolutely have to be around people and they much prefer to be in relationships rather than being single. Therefore, if you can state the reasons why you want to get back together in a non-confrontational and calm manner, you have a very good chance at getting them back.

Feel free to take your time when doing this because the Libra is not only patient, they are analytical and will want to hear the full story with all the details so they can better assess the situation. Nothing with this sign should be rushed as it makes them nervous and they will feel like they missed something.

Be concise as to your role in the relationship not working but keep the sappy drama out of it because this will only annoy them. They prefer a calm, reasoned approach. Once you have shared your responsibility for your role in the break-up and your intentions on how to not make those mistakes again, resort to flattery because it will get you everywhere with your Libra. Yes, you are going to stroke their ego.

Make bold statements such as “I was a better person when I was with you” or “I miss having you around because you always helped me make great decisions.” Your Libra will love hearing that they played a part in important aspects of your life, and your calm manner and flattery will speak to them in ways nothing else does.

It is also helpful if you can keep yourself interesting. As you probably already know, the Libra will grow bored easily but if they see you engaging in interesting (and social!) activities, it will peak their interest and they will feel a strong urge to be part of whatever it is that you are doing. Briefly mention a new social group you have joined recently or talk about a trip you recently went on or are planning and you will have them eating out of your hand. Plus this is a great way to invite them to join you in a non-romantic activity and, once the two of you are having fun, it will remind them that you had great times together in the past. They will be apt to want to explore other things with you with a view moving forward together.


This sign detests feeling possessed and does not like being caged in. The last thing you want to do is try to rush this sign into a reconciliation because they just won’t have it. When trying to win them back it is going to take time, patience and a little finesse.

This is a sign who is self assured and that is attracted to those who are the same. If you have broken up with a Sag, you want to work as quickly as you can to pull yourself together and negate any of the traits that caused the break-up in the first place.

Do not bombard your ex with tons of phone messages, emails or Facebook declarations of love as this will push them further away. Use that time to work on your inner self and maintain your dignity because that is what most attracts this sign. You need to show them that you are fine with the break-up even if that is furthest from the truth.

Go about your business and after a month or so, give them a call and calmly state that you miss them and would like to talk about getting back together. Take responsibility for the things you did wrong and let them know that you have already begun to work on those issues.

Exude as much confidence as you can. This is two-fold because you will have to actually believe it yourself first or they will see it is just an act; but you also want to make it obvious to the Sagittarius when you are around them. Confidence attracts this sign more than anything else, so the more you shine, the more likely they are to come back to you.


Taurus may be one of the easiest signs to win back because their emotions run high and chances are they are feeling just as torn up about the break-up as you are. However, don’t confuse them having emotions with them wanting any kind of drama because this sign doesn’t. Crying uncontrollably or using threatening tactics will not work. Taurus does not go for histrionics.

What they need to see is that you are hurting but you need to show them in a mature and calm manner. Be direct and honest, and also be quick to own up to anything that you may have done to cause the ending of the relationship. Apologize in a meaningful way and allow them to see how honest you are in what you are feeling.

This sign is methodical and they like things to happen in steps. So you will need to show them that you have grown as a person during this time apart, but you will also have to prove to them that you are a changed person. If you were overly possessive, do things that show you are now more independent and confident about yourself. If you were overly emotional, handle the break-up in a mature manner that shows emotional and mental growth and maturity.

The romance, if it is to be saved, will have to also come in steps. Begin with a couple of short dates that are fun and don’t make them feel pressured. Then you can gradually increase the number of dates and increase the length of time per date. Once they feel comfortable in the fact that you have changed and can handle things in an adult manner, they will be more interested in getting back together.


Like you, your Scorpio is feeling awful about the break-up that has happened. This is because this sign feels everything to the core and when they mate, they often do so with the intention of it lasting forever. This is one sign that does not take love lightly so it is probable that they will be receptive to your wanting to give the romance another go provided that they do not feel that what you have done is unforgivable.

Be aware that your Scorpio ex probably feels that he or she has been a victim at the hands of you, so you need to rebuild the trust that was lost (even if you didn’t really victimize them). You don’t want to harp on the break-up because a Scorpio can’t deal with reliving that pain over and over. If you can do this, it is best to make a fresh start with them and focus on the future.

Let them know you are someone to be trusted and if you did hurt them be passionate about your apology and let them know your intention wasn’t to cause them pain or harm. Remind them of the times when you’ve shown yourself to be loyal and bring forward all your supportive skills as a friend initially so that they can feel comfortable with you again.

You also want to make them the center of attention – meaning do not, under any circumstances, resort to trying to make them jealous by dating or showing interest in someone else. This will further hurt them and you will never be able to get them back if they think you have moved on. Even flirting will be taken as you having an ‘emotional affair’ with someone else and they will run in the other direction.

This is one sign that will respond to romantic gestures as long as they are honest, so go ahead and mail them a heartfelt card or send an email or two professing your undying love. They need to feel secure and will respond positively to your diligence in getting them back.

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