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Let’s Go Round Again Part 1 – How To Win Back Aries, Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn

Although the mantra goes, ‘your ex is an ex for a reason” almost all of us have experienced losing someone and wanting desperately to have them back. If winning back your ex is on your ‘to do’ list, knowing a few key things about their Sun Sign can help you do just that.


Aries folks are known not only for their passion, but also for being stubborn and thus, winning them back will most likely prove to be challenging. It is quest that will require determination, persistence, stamina and guile. Not to mention a thick skin and ability to recover from setbacks!The good thing about this sign is that they are deeply loyal to those they let into their lives, and if you have proven that you too are loyal during the time you were together, they are not likely to forget that fact.

To win back your Aries you will have to be patient because not only do you have to convince them the relationship is worth saving, you also have to allow them to think rekindling it is their idea, as they are natural leaders and come around in their own time, not yours.

If you you are still determined to get your Aries back then what you want to do is state your case clearly and concisely (Aries are not patient people so get to your point quickly and efficiently). Be sure to use logical reasons and solid examples to back up why the two of you should give it another try. Emphasize that the relationship is the most important thing to you (this shows loyalty and interest) and that you are passionate about doing whatever it takes to get it back on track.

Then leave it at that and let them know you are giving them some time and space to think over what you have said but also give them a time frame as to when you plan to check in with them to make a decision. It’s important that you then follow through because your partner will be too stubborn to make the first move.


Pisceans habitually lives in a dream-like state and they adore anything romantic and otherworldly. Therefore, when it comes to getting this sign back you are going to fare best if you work towards setting the mood so that it feels right that you should be together. Just bounding up to this sign and pleading your case on a whim on the street corner will not work.

To win them back you need to begin with some serious planning; for example ask them if they are able to come by your house on such and such a day and time and when you give the request make sure it is heartfelt. Pisces are emotional and if they sense that you are too, they are more likely to agree to come. Once they do, set your plan in motion.

On the day of your meeting, plan a nice dinner or at the least buy a bottle of their favorite wine. It will also behoove you to have some background soothing music on and to light a few candles. The effort you put into setting a romantic scene the better.

If and when the conversation comes round to getting back together you will have to lay your feelins on the line because this sign responds best to feelings, action words and above all else, wants to know that you are accepting responsibility for your part in the break-up. You may have to state a couple reasons as to why the break-up occurred and clearly outline which of those things were your doing. Giving some heartfelt apologies is also a good idea as well as profusely stating that you have every intention of working on those issues. The key here is to be open-minded and heartfelt as the Pisces is emotional and spiritual and feels everything on a deep level. They need to know you do too.


This sign more than any other needs space when the break-up first happens as they are one of the Zodiacs analysts and assessors and will need to process both the good and bad aspects of your relationship. With that in mind, for the first couple of weeks you will need to keep yourself involved in other things and afford them the space they need. If you don’t, your entire plan will backfire and they will be more and more annoyed. If they feel annoyed and harassed they will be unlikely to listen to you at all.

It is unlikely that your Aquarius jumped into a relationship with you before you were friends; if they did, then they saw the potential within you to be an amazing and supportive friend to them. Friendship is of the most importance to this sign and they will go to the end of the earth for those in their circles. Herein lies the key to getting them back.

When trying to get your Aquarius ex back you will likely have to put aside all the hurt feelings you have and at the same time forget about your incessant need to be their lover again. You want to focus on becoming their friend again first and proving to them that you are a friend worth having.

In the first few weeks the Aquarius will not come groveling back so don’t expect it; however, you do want to let them contact you and initiate the rekindling of your relationship. To do this, present yourself as a challenge because they love that. The best way to do so is to causally place yourself in his or her line of sight at say, the same bar or coffee shop and make sure all your best attributes are visible.

If they initiate contact, be direct and let them know you miss them but don’t beg. In fact, you will want to make the conversation short and sweet and then excuse yourself stating you have to be elsewhere. This will intrigue them (what do you mean you have a life?!) and it will be a reminder that they are missing out on something you are doing. In time, they will begin to initiate contact more and more and you will slowly be able to rekindle the romance.


Capricorns are unusual in that they usually don’t have a great need to be with anyone at any given moment. In fact, many that fall under this sign are loners and find being single feels completely comfortable. For this reason, those who want to win back a Capricorn will have to act swiftly because this sign is not only fine with going solo, they may be so comfortable with it that you won’t be able to get them back if you wait too long.

To win back your lover you are going to have to do a lot of pride and ego swallowing. More than any other sign, the Capricorn is amazingly able to hold a grudge so any wrong-doing on your part is not going to be easily forgotten and the only way to score points with your ex is to clearly admit where you went wrong and to make it known that you have learned your mistakes and won’t be likely to make them again.

Because this sign is so practical and realistic, resorting to things like romantic gestures or writing them a love poem is most unlikely to get you anywhere. They rely on things being grounded in reality and everything has to stack up. They are great communicators so when you are trying to prove to them that you are better as a couple, do so in a rational manner using lots of facts to support your case.

One of the best cases you can make is that financially it makes more sense for you to be a team because this sign is all about things that are material and financial. It also helps to pave the road in such a way that shows that as a couple you are a powerful force to reckon with. Mention a couple goals that the two of you can work on together (Caps love working towards something especially if there is stability and financial gain to be had) and this should be enough to ignite their interest again.

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