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Leo Long Distance Relationship

Leo Long Distance Relationship

You’ve heard all the reasons why long distance relationships are doomed to failure and you’re ready and willing to prove those self-styled ‘experts’ wrong. Because Leo always knows best, don’t they? You’ve met the person of your dreams and you don’t care that they’re soon to be far, far away from you. Distance is no obstacle where a romantic Leo is concerned. So far, so gung ho but do you have the perseverance to resist temptation when your loved one is not around? Or will you be distracted by the ready and willing potential mate who is giving you the right signals?

That depends on how committed you are to your long distance love. Leo is considered to be one of the most romantic signs of the Zodiac and loves the idea of their romance surviving against all odds. Resisting temptation, how noble and heroic is that?? Very – provided that you feel your long distance love is worthy of all that effort on your part. To keep you interested your long distance love has to keep communications romantic, sexy, upbeat and stimulating, which means no moaning about problems at work or broken dishwashers then! It also means no talking about the hottie s/he met at work and plenty of gifts, supportive messages and ego massaging.

Leo’s lover also needs to keep reminding the Lion of the great times they’ve had together and to come up with plenty of enthusiastic suggestions for the wild, sexy and fun times you’ll have when you get to grips with each other again!

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