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Leo Detox – How Leo Deals With Toxic People & Situations

How Do The Different Star Signs Deal With Toxic People & Situations?

Toxic situations and people are the last thing that any of us would wish for. We all know that it is extremely unhealthy to keep such people and situations in our lives yet many of us do for far too long. How each of us handles these trying times speaks volumes and much of our response correlates with the sun signs that we are born under. While some signs are able to gently swat toxic people away, others tend to cling to them in spite of the repercussions. Take a look and see where you may fall and how you can better deal with unhealthy occurrences.

How The Fire Signs Deal With Toxic People & Situations

Fire signs are strong headed people who are also adventurous, stubborn, passionate and at times, temperamental.  They are interesting in that they can be toxic or the victims of toxicity. I think that we all know what the fire signs are like when they’re being toxic but when these signs are on the receiving end of toxicity, all bets are off and their reactions may surprise you.

How Leo Deals With Toxic People & Situations

For the Leo when the toxicity comes in the form of a romantic relationship, such situations can become hairy because love trumps all else for this sign. They are deeply committed once they find a mate and therefore are willing to go to the ends of the earth trying to salvage the relationship. This sign also uses humor and makes light of a lot of bad situations, so when these situations become unhealthy, they will not see how bad things have got, initially.

However, their devotion will only reach so far and if they are crossed, they are not likely to forgive and forget. The key to helping a Leo friend or loved one escape a toxic lover is to get them to break free of their commitment and actually admit defeat in situations and with people who aren’t good for them. Once this happens, they can break the ties without a second thought and their humor and great sense of self will see them through the rockiest of times. Leos are controlled by their egos, so admitting that they made a poor judgment call in the first place where a person or situation is concerned will be a tough pill to swallow and can cause them to not fully relinquish a less than stellar relationship. Their ego may force them to stick with it for much too long simply because they don’t want to admit to themselves that they can’t make something work.

The proud, strong Leo does not want to be alone and that fear will also keep them attached and clinging on to something or someone because it is easier to deal with a toxic situation than letting it go and risk being solo. They also don’t do well with change in general which means they may put up with a lot more than they really should for a period of time—at least until they make new, replacement connections and feel secure in those.

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