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Leo Dating Dealbreakers

Leo Dating Dealbreakers

Let’s get right to the point where dating a Leo is concerned: they want to be treated like royalty and this is especially important when it comes to dates. It is vital to out-do any previous affairs and if this is a first date, it must leave a lasting impression or it will be an epic fail.

A Leo wants to know that you have put time, consideration and thought into whatever the date entails and they don’t want to have to work too hard for the end result. A nightmare date would entail any date where preparation hasn’t been given its due attention and where lame and boring sums the experience up.

Hot air balloon rides, a majestic ride through the countryside on horseback or power sailing will all entrance this sign. A slice of pizza and grabbing a movie on a moment’s notice is excruciating for this stellar cat. You also can plan to crash land if you have nothing planned at all and want to “wing it” or worse, ask this sign to help plan the date for you. They will take this as a direct insult and think you didn’t have the common decency to think about them and what they may like.

Even the most minor details matter to Leo as it shows that you have paid attention to their needs. This regal member of the Zodiac needs to shine so if you plan a date that doesn’t allow them to show off, it will be miserable for both of you. The Leo likes high class and loves to be noticed by those they feel are their “peers.” Finally, dress to impress as a Leo will not take kindly to casual wear.

Leo dating dealbreakers also include forgetting who is in charge (them) and trying to use sex as a weapon. These two are also Leo relationship breakers!

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