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When it comes to creating their future Leo is perhaps the sign best equipped to do this.  This is because their sign rules the heart and they are passionate about anything that has to do with love. Love is a powerful emotion that can captivate and motivate. However it can also cause us to make irrational decisions, become overtly jealous or possessive and it has the capacity to dominate our very existence if we allow it to.

Those who have the pleasure of knowing and loving a Leo will already know how charismatic they are. It is likely that the Leo will always be surrounded by plenty of fans who find themselves in thrall to their fiercely loyal friend who evokes such passion. Leo has such a passion for life and everything in it, that people can’t help but to fall under the Leo’s spell. Those who work with a Leo will also be highly motivated by a Leo’s inspirational pep talks and strong determination to do better at any cost.

Leo has an array of  skills and assets that can pave the way for a successful and enjoyable life including an overall sense of positivity, self assurance and great sense of humour. All of these things will be needed to respond appropriately when life throws its curve balls their way. The Leo is wise by nature and has many skills, tips and tricks to teach others. Fortunately, as Leo needs to be needed, others are more than willing to listen. This is a skill that shouldn’t be passed up when it comes to defining your fate because it will lead you straight to some open doors and opportunities. There may be some detours along the way but you’ll make the most of them. Your charismatic being and open heartedness will ensure that others not only trust you, but want to include you in their ventures.

Leos really are trendsetters and this is true in both their personal and professional lives. You also have no problem being the first one in line and the last one to leave so use this asset to your benefit. You are a fierce leader that others want to follow and your adventurous spirit makes even the mundane tasks seem exciting.

Much of destiny is all about being in the right place at the right time and seizing the opportunities that come your way. In this realm, you have it made because you aren’t one to shy away from an adventure, nor are you afraid of hard work and commitment. However, you don’t always walk the fine line between fantasy and reality and this is where you need to be careful. You can sometimes walk on the fantasy side of this boundary. Risky business ventures may lead you wayward and you don’t always keep track of money spent and lost. This is one area to work on and improve, as with business, one needs to be keenly aware of their expenses and profits to ensure that they are balanced.

Sometimes you look too far ahead and only see the grand vision, when you should be focusing in on the finer details. Don’t let the excitement or your fanciful personality get in the way of the bigger picture, which should be stability and longevity.  Because the Leo is ruled by the sun, and the sun is the center of the universe, it is likely that you too think of yourself as the center of the universe. On one hand this is true; you have such strength that you should be pivotal to your projects and those around you. On the other hand, always putting yourself in the limelight can make you miss things that are also essential to your progression and success. You may even be accused of being selfish and self-centered; traits that no one finds attractive.

Most Leos are successful in love because their element is that of fire and your fire burns hotter than any other sign. Your love making is fierce, passionate and sometimes overwhelming. When you find something and someone worthy of your loyalty you will do everything earthly possible to keep them in your life but sometimes your possessiveness and fear of being alone (something no Leo wants to endure) can turn you into a possessive lover that is impossible to tame.

There is no need to smother the one you love; they are already enamoured with you, are addicted to your loyalty and aren’t likely to abandon you unless you give them reason to. In most cases, that reason will be not allowing them the space they need as an individual or simply loving them too much (yes, this is possible).  In the bedroom, your love will be one that is more than satisfying and you feel the intimacy more than most other signs which should make your partner feel loved and at ease. Just be aware that not every sign has the stamina that you do, and they may not require or want love making as often or to always be a three ring circus like you do. Every once in awhile, dim your fire a bit and let them take the lead and set the pace so they too can feel in control.

In career matters watch out for pitfalls and make it a point to take on some projects this year that will literally light the fire within you, but ensure that you let others shine as well. You aren’t the only one who hates being taken for granted. Everyone loves a leader, but your tendency to always need to shine can sometimes make others envious and frustrated when they want to show their skills. Your lesson this year is to work within groups well as you always do, but pull back every now and again so that your teammates can also feel as though they are a part of the journey. Share the wealth and recognition and you will find that your ventures will be fruitful and more rewarding when everyone feels that they had a key part to play in the victories.

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