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Is Virgo Manipulative?

Is Virgo Manipulative?

Keenly observant, analytical and endowed with a razor sharp mind, Virgo has plenty of firepower when it comes to being manipulative. Like fellow Mercury ruled sign Gemini, they are superb communicators. They think fast and they know exactly what results they want from their actions. Virgo also has a talent for merging into the background, which enables them to overhear plenty of gossip that might come in handy later. They’ll know who your enemies are, who your friends are and they’ll know all your hopes, fears and insecurities. They’ll know which buttons to press to really undermine, hurt and manipulate you if they choose.

Fortunately though most Virgos choose not be manipulative. Mostly they elect to ask for the results they require in a clear, concise, logical and direct manner. Their communications are usually not designed to provoke strong emotions but to resolve a problem or get something accomplished. That something may or may not be in your best interests but there is no manipulation involved. Virgo finds pointing out what people are doing wrong and how they can improve often gets the desired results. Some people might call that manipulative in terms of undermining other’s confidence and self-esteem but Virgo would be able to supply a perfectly reasoned argument as to why that is not the case.

Of course, if the direct approach does not work then Virgo is likely to unleash their inner Machiavelli to great effect.

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