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Is Taurus Manipulative?

Is Taurus Manipulative?

‘Manipulative? Who me?’ says Taurus, ‘but I’m such a simple and straightforward soul. ‘ As far as most Taureans are concerned, this statement is true though the rest of us might choose not to agree. Why? Because Taurus is a surprisingly sharp political operator. They really are; they just hide it well. So well, in fact, that obvious high-fliers are a bit shocked when diffident Taurus beats them to the job of their dreams. WTF, they didn’t even know that Taurus had put in for the job. With a bit of hind sight it all becomes clear. Taurus has been carefully listening to and nurturing the people who matter. Loyal, indispensable Taurus has been steadily drawing themselves to the attention of the power players. ‘I’ve got your back’, says Taurus and they have until they want their boss’ job. ‘That’s how you get to the top’, thinks Taurus.

Now nobody would suggest that this behaviour is manipulative, not for a minute. But naughty Taurus doesn’t always stop there. It is not unknown for a smart Taurus to totally derail or stitch up an opponent by having a discrete word in the right ear. Taurus can be a devious as opposite sign, Scorpio, when it comes to getting what they want. Just like, Scorpio, Taurus has a long memory for facts that will come in useful at a later stage. Like Scorpio, Taurus collects secrets.

The statement ‘bull in a china shop’ does not really apply when it comes to Taurus’ manipulative skills. They might pretend to be a bit slow on the uptake when it suits them but they won’t be slow to work out what make you tick and how to hit your hot buttons if they need to. And you thought it was the matador who is the one to wield the knife. Yes, that’s true in the bull ring but in human commerce there are plenty of knife wielding Taurus about. Not that they’d see it that way, of course. Most Taurus believe that they are acting for the greater good when being manipulative. That way they remain true to their values. As Taurus tends to believe that their way is the right way they feel perfectly comfortable with doing the odd bit of manipulation and emotional blackmail.

Nobody except, possibly Pisces and Cancer, can do wounded and hurt like the Taurean, when trying to get their way or to cover their back. Think of what Capricorn might be like if they were a bit more cuddly and you’ve got a Taurus when determined to get their way. Taurus, however, gets away with rather more than Capricorn when it comes to manipulating others. They are also much more competent at playing the emotional blackmail card than most Sea Goats.

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