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Is Gemini Manipulative?

Is Gemini Manipulative?

Very, if they want to be. One of Zodiac’s social butterflies and chameleon’s, Gemini can morph themselves into anyone that you want them to be. They are much more empathetic and intuitive than they are given credit for and are extremely adept at reading others. Not only does this mean that they are unlikely to get manipulated themselves; it also means that they are well placed to manipulate others. They know exactly which strings to pull and which words to use to get the results they seek.

Many Gemini have plenty of personal harm which they use to great effect when it comes to getting exactly what they want. Blessed with plenty of smarts and a penchant for mischief making, Gemini people are incredibly adept at playing head- or mind-games.

Gemini folk can manipulate you into becoming desperate to be their friend (or something more) and are equally adept at manipulating you into rejecting them if they want to end the relationship. And think of all those social connections Gemini has – if they can’t manipulate you directly then can have a go at manipulating you by proxy!

Gemini folk are also not above telling the odd little (or not so little) lie in order to get what they want not to mention spreading gossip. Some Gemini will also manipulate others just for the fun of it.

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