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How To Stop Your Libra, Scorpio Or Sagittarius Ex Wanting You Back

Lustful Libras

The Libra is another sign that places a lot of stock in overall appearance and loathe those who don’t take pride in how they look. They are also not keen on people who don’t pay due care and attention to what comes out of their mouth. Making it a point to shift your verbiage will turn them off now, not later. To bond with a Libra you must always be well-groomed in appearance but also be keenly aware of what you say, so lessening your grip on how you present yourself and throwing out some vulgar phrases may be enough to get rid of the Libra lusting after you.

But what will really seal this deal is becoming someone that cannot make a decision to save their life. Although they have a reputation for being indecisive Libras always have a game plan and are action oriented and they mate with those who are the same way. Nothing will frustrate this sign more than a nitwit who can’t choose between espresso or latte and this is more evident when it comes to important decisions like matters of the career or relationship status.

Sway back and forth when asked direct questions so that they view you as not being able to make any decision at all. Make it a point to run into them when you look your worse, as this will penetrate their need to be with someone tidy and conventional. The coupling of looking ill at ease, unconcern with what comes out of your mouth and not making any sort of decision at all with run them off pronto.

Scathing Scorpio

A break up with a Scorpio can open the gates of hell. They are so passionate and fiery when it comes to them getting what they want, that they are angered when they fail at doing so. This often forces them to try harder because a Scorpio usually has all their goals written down, with a step by step directive on how to complete that said goal. Bailing out or being thrown off course is not what the Scorpion wishes.

If reuniting with you is one of those goals, rest assured that they will be hard to get rid of. Even if they don’t necessarily want to be with you forever, you are a challenge and Scorpios must fulfill any challenge for their own satisfaction.

Here is the good part though. Because they are action and goal driven and like their partners to be the same and work with the same intensity, so becoming someone of disinterest to them actually isn’t impossible. It just requires a bit of dedication. If they feel that you no longer have a plan for the future, you are of no interest to them. Furthermore, you should also think like them (according to them) so voicing to them that their grand scheme and plans are ridiculous will get their feathers ruffled in a jiffy.

To put it simply you just need to become unmotivated on various levels. Do not engage them in conversations about the future and instead let them know you could not care less about what tomorrow may bring. Even if you are in line for a huge promotion, don’t let them in on it. After all, this is a goal you are trying to fulfill and the though that you are a goal seeking missile will be delicious to them.

Appear to be living a life that is unstructured and carefree and it will set off a chain reaction that they don’t want to be a part of. The one sure thing about this sign is that everything needs to be on a continuum of white hot. Once the heat is missing, so too will be the Scorpio.

Sappy Sagittarius

This sign loves a sense of humor. They are less concerned about what you are wearing and more concerned about your sunny disposition. They love to laugh and the idea of being in a depressed state maddens them. Even when they are depressed, most won’t acknowledge it; instead they will lock themselves away for a period of time and cry and then pop up somewhere else all smiles.

Whenever you talk to or are around your Sagittarius ex dim down your sense of humor and refrain from joking on any level. The more depressed you are, the better your chances of getting them to move on. A Sagittarius will not linger where the future appears to be grim or dimming, so take this approach when speaking with or meeting up with them and they are sure to douse that fire they once had for you. In a word, you will have to become a pessimist in many ways, as this will switch off their interest and they will seek adventure and happiness elsewhere.

Furthermore, this sign is among big dreamers who like to indulge in grand visions and seeing the big picture. Perhaps your willingness or genuine ability to think big, dream big and do big is what was attractive to them at the start of the relationship. If so, think smaller, obsess over details and show a complete lack in all schemes grand. A few comments about their future plans being crazy or unrealistic will be enough to send them sailing on their way. Become complacent in life endeavors and don’t aim so high or certainly refrain from thinking on a grand scale.

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