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How To Spot And Seduce Each Star Sign

How To Spot And Seduce Each Star Sign

As January 6th is reported to be the day we are most likely to sign up to a dating agency, I thought that now was a great time to share some tips on how to spot and seduce each of the Star Signs. Each zodiac Sign has it’s own likes and dislikes when it comes to being asked out. Assuming that the person in question is attracted to you physically, here is some basic information to help you get started.


Usually heard long before they come into view, Mr or Ms Aries is the one with the roving eye, loud voice and exasperated expression. They may also be engaged in a bit of verbal sparring. Is there a reddish tint to the skin and/or hair? Then you have spotted an Arietien. Now take your courage in both hands and make a direct approach. Think of something clever and witty to say – no mumbling. Once he or she is giving you his or her full attention depart quickly leaving them with an invitation to continue the conversation some other time …


The Taurean is the relaxed, placid and elegant looking creature with a full plate in their hand. They are unlikely to gaze up at you until they have eaten, so wait until they have cleared their plate before making a move. A direct approach is called for and no posing – this type goes for straightforward, down to earth people. Admire the Taurean’s excellent taste in clothing, comment on the food available, background music, plant life and ask the Taurean whether they fancy meeting for a pleasant dinner a deux.


See the slim, animated conversationalist in the corner, the one with the roving eye, that’s Mr or Ms Gemini. If you want to date this popular party animal you are going to have to stay awake and hang on in there until all the other guests have headed home for bed. The Gemini will be still be wide-awake and looking for fun, so sidle up and start gossiping.


Less easy to spot this one, but here goes. Mr or Ms Cancer often has a large bony frame, though may be rounded if he or she gives in to the Cancerian urge to eat and drink, expressive eyes and mouth, and a very attractive pout. The Cancerian will either be laughing uproariously, at life’s rich irony, or sitting warily in a corner. The latter type will be ensuring that nobody gets close enough to hurt them. Either way approach the Cancerian gently and don’t declare undying love immediately even if that’s the way you feel. Allow the Cancerian to set the pace – you may find your relationship takes off like a rocket! Talk about typical Cancerian interests – there are plenty to choose from including business, family, cooking, antiques, genealogy, satire and films. Don’t be afraid to show you more sentimental, imaginative and romantic side and don’t forget birthdays and anniversaries!


This person walks into a room with all the grace and presence of a mighty predator. They project a ‘look at me’ air and expect to command attention. The Leo is usually showily dressed with beautifully groomed, flowing locks and flashing eyes. He or she is often tall and imposing and given to making dramatic gestures. This Sign also sulks if there aren’t sufficient numbers of devoted admirers dancing attendance upon them. This stellar cat likes status and power so you need to project an air of confidence. Your body language and voice need to indicate that you are a prize worth having. You also need to be able to lay the flattery on really thick – make sure it’s genuine, though. Invite the Lion to an expensive, happening venue and start saving!


The Virgoan is usually bright eyed, intelligent looking, slim, neatly dressed and rushing around wiping tables, clearing ashtrays and piling up plates. If this type appeals then ensure that you are immaculate and then approach with grace. If your speech is slurred and your movements erratic – forget it! Assuming that you are clean and healthy enough approach the Virgoan directly and suggest that you both leave immediately as you hate parties/bars/dirty restaurants etc.


Usually elegantly dressed and exuding charm the Libran is the person who greets the question, ‘What do you want to drink?’ with a pained expression and plenty of uhm-ing and ah-ing. To pull a Libran you need to leap to the rescue by making their decision for them. Something along the lines of, ‘I’d go for the red wine if I were you, it’s rather fine’, should do. Anything to do with culture or championing the underdog should make good topics of conversation.


There’s not much point trying to pick-up a Scorpio as they expect to do the choosing. If you feel a pair of eyes slowly roving over your body, then you’ve attracted the attention of a Scorpio. If you pass the test, they’ll approach you. If they do then you’d better be honest if you have a partner, as this type won’t tolerate deception. If you are in a position to give loyalty, devotion and real passion then get ready to have your life taken over.


The character who can silence a table or room full of people with one stupendous gaffe, and carry on regardless, is the Sagittarian. To be doubly sure of your identification look out for a pair of bright blue eyes, a friendly open face and an ability to break valuable objects. Approach this friendly and outgoing sign with a broad smile and sense of humour. Sport, philosophy, members of the opposite sex and travel are great topics of conversation. Any invitations should initially be given in the spirit of friendship, as this type doesn’t consciously look for a lover.


The sign of the ambitious social climber. To locate the Capricorn look for the smartest, richest or the most successful grouping and there’s your Capricorn. Look closely at the face: there is a persistence, resolution and strength there. When it comes to attracting this Sign it helps if you’re self-made or, even better, an aristocrat. However, if you’ve yet to make it, a run down on your visions for the future will do nicely! The Sea Goat can forgive the odd failure, but can’t understand those who embrace it or, even worse, don’t even aim for the top. Perfect date; take the Capricorn somewhere where they can connect with real power players.


The Aquarian will usually be the person who is totally out of place and who is demanding to know what politicians etc. are doing to make the world a better place. This person will find you absolutely fascinating, whatever you do, though their questioning may be a little intrusive (and tactless!). They usually sport regular features and a pair of bright eyes along with an alert expression. To attract the Aquarian you need to be able to talk knowledgeably about the current fashionable cause of the moment along with politics, religion and sport. A knowledge of high tech industries especially communication/telecoms would be useful.


You can spot the Piscean immediately, he or she will have a dreamy expression and have found a pleasant, tranquil spot from which to watch the world go by. The Piscean will also have an ethereal air about them and is likely to appear to have an almost psychic ability to connect with you. This the person who makes you feel like writing an ode to them or, at the very least, makes you feel as if you’ve met them before. To attract the Piscean discuss all things New Age and appear to be otherworldly.

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